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{December 10, 2011}   Dark Legacy by M.A. Anderson

Hi all, this is a shameless promotion for my very good friend Maggie Anderson, who’s recently released her debut novel Dark Legacy, a dark urban fantasy novel with more than a hint of crime, through Amazon.

Although this is Maggie’s debut novel, I can honestly say she is a very talented writer who deserves all the recognition that will come her way with this series.

And for all you lovers of good books out there, just what can you expect from Dark Legacy? Well, read on people …

Doctor Andre Delecroix possess a dark secret – one he cannot share with anyone, not even his closest friend, Detective Reece Daniels. This sinister secret has finally come back to haunt him – in a very physical presence, and both men are about to be drawn into a malicious game – a game that will end in death…

Andre has been plagued by nightmares of blood and murder for the past six months. For years he has controlled his impulses and contained his dark urge, but has it finally broken free? Are the nightmares glimpses of the horrors he has committed or is something far more menacing drawing him into its evil grasp?

Detective Reece Daniels is investigating a series of teen murders. The killer is adept at what he does, leaving no DNA and no clues. But there is a common link to the deaths, one that Reece is yet to discover. When he finally starts to piece the puzzle together, will he believe what logic tells him not to? And will he discover the truth about Andre?

Dark Legacy is a well crafted novel with amazing imagery and realistic characters that I can’t recommend enough. This is urban fantasy and crime at its finest and I, for one, can’t wait for the sequel! Treat yourself this festive season and buy this book for a guaranteed good read. I promise you won’t regret it.

Paperbacks are now available through Amazon at: with the Kindle edition coming very soon!

Make sure to visit Maggie’s website at: and/or like her author page on Facebook:

Happy reading everyone! xx


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