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{April 12, 2011}   Starting all over again …

So, I’m at a bit of a crossroads with my manuscript. Having chopped out the first four chapters; I’m now trying to decide what to keep, what to link in, what rewrites need to be done, what edits need to be made and when on earth I’m ever going to get the time to actually do all this stuff. Basically, I’m fighting with an evil jigsaw puzzle and sadly, it’s winning!

I guess that’s why I was so happy to see Dee White’s post on How To Burrow Your Way Back Into Your Story today. Dee is an amazing author, and an absolute inspiration to all emerging writers. Keep the tips coming Dee, this is one emerging writer who’s definitely grateful for them!

If you need to burrow back into your story, make sure you visit Dee’s writing tip at:

You won’t regret it! xx


It’s tricky, Deb. For RAIN, over the years, I’ve had several different starting points, with different characters, points in time etc. I think the secret is to walk away from it at these junctions until clarity settles over you.


I totally agree Leigh, leaving the manuscript sit for a while so the ideas can meld together is a great idea. Unfortunately, it seems I may have left it a bit too long as I can’t remember what’s going on. Am seriously time poor at the moment and need to be more disciplined! 😦

Deb xx

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