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{April 30, 2011}   A new direction … ?

Well, I’m looking at changing direction with my manuscript. At the moment, I’m totally lost within the script and don’t seem to be able to write my way out of the mess I’ve created by chopping things out – so I’m giving up. Well, I’m changing direction – which is kind of the same thing. After chatting to my writing buddies in an impromptu meeting today, I’ve decided to go back to my JBK manuscript. I’m hoping that a change of story might bring with it renewed creativity. Well, here’s hoping anyway … Will keep you posted. xx


{April 12, 2011}   Starting all over again …

So, I’m at a bit of a crossroads with my manuscript. Having chopped out the first four chapters; I’m now trying to decide what to keep, what to link in, what rewrites need to be done, what edits need to be made and when on earth I’m ever going to get the time to actually do all this stuff. Basically, I’m fighting with an evil jigsaw puzzle and sadly, it’s winning!

I guess that’s why I was so happy to see Dee White’s post on How To Burrow Your Way Back Into Your Story today. Dee is an amazing author, and an absolute inspiration to all emerging writers. Keep the tips coming Dee, this is one emerging writer who’s definitely grateful for them!

If you need to burrow back into your story, make sure you visit Dee’s writing tip at:

You won’t regret it! xx

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So I went to Supernova yesterday and I can sum it up in one word – awesome!

There’s really no other word for it. Well, maybe there are a few; crazy, busy, freakish, fabulous. I could go on and on but I’ll try to keep it short.

What is Supernova? Well, it’s a pop culture expo and it’s fabulous, need I say more. It has celebrities such as Tom Felton, better known as Draco Malfoy, and Charisma Carpenter aka Cordelia Chase in Buffy & Angel amongst others. Anime, Manga & Comic artists, authors, vendors, cosplay, even a Delorian – everything a geek loves. 

It was wonderful to see my good friends Kev & Ant there promoting their Dream Raider franchise, plus I had many indepth chats with the very talented Trent Jamieson, Marianne De Pierres and Rowena Cory Daniells – who were at the Dymocks stand.

After signing up for the Brisbane Zombie walk and using my obvious charm, I struck up a conversation with a rep at the Penguin Publishers stand, who just happens to spend her days finding brilliant manuscripts within the slush pile at Penguin. She also helps promote emerging authors and gave me some excellent tips on how to get my work noticed. She also told me what Penguin Children’s are looking for right now and showered me with lots of encouragement. I left feeling very inspired and positive about the whole writing process, which was only enhanced by my next encounter.

Whilst purchasing books at the Dymocks stand, and using my obvious charm yet again, I struck up a conversation with a woman about Marianne De Pierre’s Burn Bright YA novel. Turns out this woman is a literary agent in Sydney and I walked away with her business card! Exciting? I think so!

Add all of this with the chance to sit in a Delorian (so okay, it’s not the real Back To The Future Delorian because I’ve seen that at Universal Studios) but still, it was pretty cool, and the chance to sit in on a Charisma Carpenter Q&A. Plus, I was surrounded by freaks and geeks galore, so I truly felt right at home, I can honestly say I absolutely loved my Supernova adventure and I can’t wait for next year. Unless I fly to the Sydney one and stalk Luke Perry, which may very well happen. I’m just saying …

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