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{February 21, 2011}   Writers On Rafts – Last Week!!!!

If you haven’t got your tickets/entries in for Writers on Rafts yet, what are you waiting for? This is the last week people, get in there and win great stuff – all proceeds go to flood relief. Thanks to Rebecca Sparrow for organising this. All tickets $5 – which is an absolute bargain!

Go and visit now! Buy more tickets! Quick, hurry, stop wasting time. See you there, I’m off to buy more right now. 🙂


{February 12, 2011}   New Beginnings …

So, it’s a new year and a time for new beginnings. Many of us start the year making resolutions that are doomed to fail – I, for one, know some of my resolutions didn’t even last a week – while some of the lucky ones actually stick to them and reap the rewards for the remainder of the year. So far, I haven’t had the best year. Sure, I’ve been handed lots of opportunities for new beginnings, but I’ve also encountered my fair share of unfortunate incidents – and it’s only mid-February! Still, new beginnings (however unfortunate) happen for a reason, and it is up to us to make the best of them. A new beginning is a chance to put what we’ve learnt into practice and move forward, which is sometimes easier said than done.

Still, whatever your resolution and/or new beginning for 2011 is, I hope it brings wonderful things your way. As for me? Well, I’m still plowing through the editing phase of my manuscript, plotting new stories and working my way through assignments, in the hope that all this hard work will pay off for me soon and hand me some more new beginnings. You’ve got to have hope, dreams and direction. After all, as my beautiful Grandma used to say: ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal.’  I guess you’ve just got to get out there and do the best you can, and have faith that good will come from it, eventually! Some days, that belief and ambition is all you have. 🙂

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