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{December 30, 2010}   It’s all about balance…

Hello world! Apologies for neglecting my blog for this long, but truthfully I needed the break. After a crazy, manic year I’ve spent some much needed time chilling out with the family and doing very little. And now, I’m ready to start writing again. Guess there’s nothing like some serious downtime to help you find your creativity again. So I’m back into this writing thing again, if you can call 1000 words and a new linking chapter in an hour last night ‘back into it’. Still, we all have to start somewhere, right?

Which brings me to the topic of this blog… Recently I went on a management day with work, which is usually completely unrelated to my life as a writer, but surprisingly, I actually took something away with me. From a series of 200+ photographic cards, we had to pick two cards that resemble; 1. a hidden truth about ourselves, and 2. how we perceive our management style. Inevitably I chose a typewriter, symbolic of my hidden passion for creative writing and the second was a little girl on a bike with training wheels. This photo for me had a double meaning; sure I’m new to management and still feel like I’m learning everything, but the second and most obvious for me was balance. Trying to balance full time work, full time writing, studying, friends/family/relationships, social life, travel, finances and anything else the world decides to throw at me. (Which, realistically, is no different to anyone else in the world, but it is my journey and I am still learning to balance it all.)

And the reality I took away and came to terms with, is that I’m not on a deadline (yet) and I can afford to have a month off and not feel bad about it. This is not to say that things won’t change for me in the future but mentally, I needed time to sleep and be normal again. And I know my writing is certainly all the better for it (or at least I think it is). So it’s onwards and upwards from here, bring on the new year I say!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, make sure you leave a comment. 🙂

Anyway, enough from me. I hope you had a wonderful festive season & very best wishes for a fabulous new year full of adventures. May all your dreams (whatever they may be) come true in 2011. xx


Dee White says:

I agree with you, Debbie that sometimes you have to take time out.

Often we put pressure on ourselves that just isn’t necessary.

I’ve taken a bit of a break over the last couple of weeks and I find it has definitely been good for my creativity.

Hope you have a great year in 2011 with lots of writerly successes.


1,000 words AND a linking chapter in one hour – that’s not just “back into it” – that’s brilliant!

So true, Deb – the key is not to feel guilty when we take a breather. It’s even harder when you work from home!

Best of 2011 to you!


1k an hour is a pretty good way to show you have recharged those creative batteries. Now, I’m sure I left a part completed story laying around here somewhere that needs a few thousands words to finish it off – where did you get your creative flash from again?

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