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{September 28, 2010}   We love YA

So, the holidays are almost over and sadly, I’ve barely even scratched the surface of what I’d planned to write… I have been working on my hide & seek pic book text but I haven’t gone anywhere near my JBK manuscript – which was my main goal these holidays. Still, I’m in no hurry to finish it and have no impending deadlines for it (which is probably the main problem) and truthfully, spending time with my niece and nephews is also a big priority in my life. This is exactly what I’ve been doing because, in my opinion, there’s no point writing when you don’t feel like it. Besides, hanging out with them is good research for all the genres I focus on. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Lucky for me, today is promising to be a lazy, rainy day and I may just be able to squeeze some writing time in. 😀

On a different topic, I’ve been invited to be a guest blogger on the We love YA site, which I’m very excited about. I’m still contemplating what my first blog will be, but keep checking at . This is a great site about what’s happening in Young Adult fiction and anyone with an interest in this genre should be checking it out regularly.

Til next week! (or until I see you over at – whichever is the sooner!) 🙂 xx


Congrats Deb,
What wonderful news and a fabulous opportunity. You’re going from strength to strength …Cheers, Karen :))

Hi Deb, I started writing a reply and lost it, so if you get two it’s because of my twitchy hand and sensitive keyboard. Anyway, I’m very thrilled for you, congratulations! Can’t wait to read what you have to say. It will be great because you have such a fabulous style!

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