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{September 19, 2010}   Hooray for holidays!!!

Hello everyone & welcome to my weekly wrap-up. And what a week it’s been… Firstly, the twitter thing seems to be going well & there’s so much information out there about writing, competitions, publishers, other authors etc. If you’re a writer and don’t have twitter but you’re trying to build your mandatory ‘writer’s platform’, why are you not on it? Stop reading this and go and set up an account, this will still be here later (just make sure you come back!).

This week I also attended two amazing book events, both of which were great fun. One was Michael Gerard Bauer’s launch of Just a Dog on Wednesday night & it was lovely to catch up with Michael & other Brisbane writers. A truly great launch at Black Cat Books in Paddington (go and visit this book shop, absolutely amazing!) and a fabulous night out. Make sure you buy yourself a copy of Just a Dog. Like everything MGB writes, this is another winner for young readers – and those of us who are not so young but enjoy good books anyway. 😀

I also attended Cathy Kelly’s book talk at the Irish Club on Friday night and was, once again, truly inspired by this lovely lady. This is the second time I’ve attended a Cathy Kelly book talk (I went last year when she was in Brisbane) and she was just as fabulous on Friday as she was last time. I so love listening to her talk about her writing process, how she develops a story and where she gets her ideas for her characters. It’s actually quite reassuring to hear that famous writers employ the same procrastination and avoidance techniques  as the rest of us, as well as have doubt in what they’re writing. There’s hope for me yet!

On a sad note, I’m devastated to hear of the tragic passing of the beautiful Zoe Barnes, chick-lit extraordinaire! Although it has been almost 12 months, I have only just found this information as Zoe Barnes was her pen name. I emailed her on a couple of occasions as a fan and found her to be a very kind, helpful and positive individual who encouraged me to follow my writing dreams. If we can take one thing from this horrible incident, it is that we must be strong individuals who believe in ourselves & not rely on others for our happiness. No man is worth your life, regardless of who they are, and you will be missed by your fans Zoe. xx

Finally, as the holidays have crept up & work stress has slowed down, I’m discovering that my creativity is returning. Not only am I still accumulating precious information for my BB sequel through all the school musical rehearsals I’ve attended, I’ve also got a new idea for a YA novel – which will finally utilise my knowledge of Japan – & a new kids pic book idea. All in time for the holidays!! I’m looking forward to some quiet time so I can finish JBK draft, rework hide & seek pic book at publisher request & develop these three ideas further. Oh, and I’m enrolling in a 12 mth proofreading & editing course & considering a MA course in Creative Youth Writing for the future. So yes, hooray for holidays!! I need some time to catch up with everything!

Have a great writing week everyone, til next time. x


Great blog, Debbie. Unpretentious people who are successful are always a delight to meet. Really glad you had fun at the events and that you’re going to do some study in the future. Congrats and good luck.

Thanks Maggie.. Has been a good week! Always said I’d never do any more study but I guess you can never say never. xx

It’s always amazing to me to discover where I get material and inspiration for my stories.

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