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{September 4, 2010}   CYA Conference Congratulations….

Well, the CYA conference is over for another year and I can clearly sum it up in one word – AWESOME!!!! My editor pitch went well re: my children’s picture book. Sure, I have a few things to change and work on but the editor has requested that I resend it to her when I’m done, and that is as positive as you can get for an emerging writer. Now I just have to allocate some time to do this rewrite as soon as I can and get it back out there. Which would be easy, if I wasn’t contending with full time work and a crazy social life that’s threatening to consume my life…. Still, I work so much better under pressure! 🙂

In another positive and amazing moment, I’m off to volunteer at CYA Hatchlings tomorrow and I’m so excited… It’s such an honour to be asked, especially when I get to hang out with wonderful people like Ally Howard and Tina Clark. And it will be so fabulous to watch well known & respected authors workshop with their target audience. The same target audience that I write for and intend to work with in the near future. What an amazing opportunity and learning experience for me! I’m a very, very  lucky girl! Such positive things coming my way… Now I just have to finish the products and start getting them out there, so I can validate everyone else’s faith in me!

Have a wonderful week everyone. I hope beautiful and positive things come your way! xx


Amazing Deb, absolutely fabulous! Good luck with everything and enjoy today! Let me know as soon as I can transfer you to the “Newly Published”page. It all sounds so positive!

Thanks so much Kelly.. That is still a LONG way off but it’s nice to get positive feedback and feel like I’m going in the right direction. And don’t worry, if I ever get published everybody will know about it!! 😀

andrewgirle says:

Two thumbs up Deb, great to hear you had a good weekend with the conference!

Thanks Andrew.. You have to come one year. Great day out for networking and learning from the masters. 🙂 xx

I attended CYA a couple of years agao and it was absolutly fantastic. Tina and Ally work so hard and are continually adding new things to the festival such as Hatchlings and new sections in the writers’ competitions. CYA has become one of the premier festivals in Australia for writers for children and young adults.

Fingers crossed for you, Debbie, with your mss. i wasn’t brave enough to book a session when I attended!

Thanks Vicki,

I completely agree – it is the best conference I have ever been to & it gets better and better every year.

Fingers crossed for me too and I totally get the bravery & nerves thing when you meet with editors. I just look on it as getting fantastic advice from the experts, an opportunity for growth rather than rejection. I am here to learn and they are the best ones to give me advice. Hope to CYA up here one year 😉 xx

Well done, Debbie, and good luck with the re-write and submission!

It sure is tough balancing it all. I don’t know how some writers manage to produce a book a year – it seems impossible!


Hi Leigh,

Thank you so much for your good wishes. It is definitely a balancing act and I am not sure I’m balancing it that well… still, holidays are coming up and school musical is almost over – and then I can have my life back! 🙂

Hope you’re well!

Deb x

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