Debbie Kahl – YA & Children's Fiction Writer

{September 1, 2010}   And then there is hope…..

Completely random & amazing comment from a student today…

After missing out on attending Word Play with the school kids today, one of my beautiful students (who shall remain nameless for privacy purposes but has been my rock by reading and advising on my YA stuff), came back this afternoon and told me all about how fabulous it was.

She particularly loved Rebecca Sparrow’s session but then blew me away when she told me that the whole time she sat there and watched Rebecca speak with such enthusiasm and animation,  she could totally see me up there doing the same thing. In fact, to quote – ‘You could do that Miss, you’d be brilliant. And you will too, because your stuff is so good!’ So yeah, I’m a little chuffed right now. And one day, soonish (I hope), I won’t have to beg for a spot on a school excursion to go to Word Play but rather I’ll be there myself presenting.

It’s so good to have dreams… And then (of course) there is hope! …..

CYA on Saturday- the week can only get better!!! 😀


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