Debbie Kahl – YA & Children's Fiction Writer

{August 7, 2010}   The CYA Conference

So we’re on the countdown to the annual CYA conference and truthfully, I’m a little excited. Where else can an aspiring writer interact with other writers and editors, from their genre, all in one place?

 The best thing I’ve ever done in my short, wanna be, literary career is attend last year’s conference. Organised by the wonderful duo of Tina Clark & Ally Howard, the conference is specifically tailored for Children and Young Adult writers and it certainly delivers! I learnt so much in such a short space of time and I have no doubt this year will be no different. I’ve booked myself into some fabulous sessions, but I’m most thrilled about my picture book master class with the beautiful Meredith Costain.

 I’ve also booked myself in for a meeting with Helen Chamberlin from Windy Hollow Books to discuss my picture book manuscript. And while I would love her to say she adores it and wants to publish it immediately, I’m also realistic enough to know this won’t happen. Instead, I hope she likes the idea, sees value in what I’m doing, and gives me advice on how to improve it. Last year I booked a session with the lovely Leonie Tyle, and the advice she gave me on my writing has been invaluable! These are truly amazing opportunities we are given through this conference, and I for one am very grateful for them.

 I’m so very lucky to be a part of this world, a world I always wanted to be in but self doubt prevented me from joining. And even though I’m still only on the fringes of this community, I like to believe I’m making headway and I await the conference with anticipation.

 If you’re a Children’s or YA writer and you haven’t considered attending the CYA conference, I urge you to do so. Here is the link to the webpage:  I would love to see you there!

 Have a great writing week everyone. xx


Hi Deb, I’m going to CYA. We both have the same first session with Kate Forsyth so it will be good to sit next to you …Karen :))

CYA is fantastic. I attended 2 years ago and wish I could go every year. All the sessions were inspirational and informative and to hear John Marsden and Libby Gleeson speak was a highlight. I learnt so much. Tina and Ally are legends!!!

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