Debbie Kahl – YA & Children's Fiction Writer

{June 21, 2010}   You’ve gotta have friends…..

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of my blog. Thank you so much for joining up and following me, your support means a great deal.

Now, I don’t know about you but without a doubt, the best thing I’ve ever done for my writing career is to join a writer’s group… well apart from actually sitting down and writing a manuscript (but that’s a whole other story for another time)..

Honestly, there’s nothing more rewarding than the support you receive from these amazing people. Sure friends and family are equally important, but they love you unconditionally and will usually support you no matter what. Even if they think you’re writing is horrible, they still tell you it’s great..

So what makes this whole writer’s group thing different? Well, it’s quite a different scenario to bounce ideas around with people who truly understand the complexities of this craft. It’s also quite wonderful to ‘pick the brains’ of other writer friends who are paving their own way in this field and learn from their experiences.

Writer’s groups will impart the honesty you require on your writing, whether you want to hear it or not. Luckily, they are speaking from experience & drawing on a good basis of knowledge, so you can respect what they say. But the best thing, is that this criticism is delivered constructively and from people who genuinely care about you and your writing goals. And if you listen carefully, and follow the best advice, your writing will inevitably improve.

I am truly blessed to be part of a wonderful writer’s group. I welcome their honesty and critiques on my work because I know my writing will be all the better for it. I hope you have such beautiful people in your life and that all your projects for the week are successful and rewarding. Until next time! x


Hi Deb,
I’m so glad that you joined our Writing Group the end of last year. Its wonderful to have a Crit buddy like you to swap manuscripts, exchange ideas and support each other. I wish you the Very Best with your writing…Cheers, Karen :))

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